Group Songwriting Workshops and Parties

Write a group song with your guests as part of your, birthday or retirement party! No musical talent or experience needed! Available on ZOOM or in person!

Songwriting Workshop Reviews

“Tina is a talented and insightful teacher. She was able to take the common thread of participants’ experience of loss and as a group create a song that honored everyone’s story, a very worthy and creative endeavor. Thank you, Tina” ~Diana Stone, Norfolk, VA

“I loved the song the group wrote!  It was incredible watching it develop and build!  Not being a writer myself, it amazed me how you took memories from each of us and turned it into such a lovely song!  Thank you for the experience!” ~Stephie, Virginia Beach, VA

“The songwriting process was a touching experience-listening to others share about their loved ones. No musical talent was necessary to go through the process, whcih creates such a sweet memento.” Elizabeth Pine, Norfolk, VA

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